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Our industry has become too sophisticated to fall back on vague measures to judge the success of an initiative. We comb through the data - feedback from campaigns, to generate insights that ensure our clients get smarter by learning how people are responding to their communications.

Ultimately, looping these insights back into the brand strategy to discover more efficient methods of getting the right message, in front of the right people, at the right time.

The aim? More of what works, less of what doesn't.

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Data Analysis

The most raw understanding you will get on how people react to each piece of content created is obtained by diving into the numbers. We analyse the data points to gauge the effectiveness of each video and index progress against the objectives defined through strategy.


Numbers are great, one of the gems of YouTube though is that you don't necessarily need to survey people or decipher multiple metrics to understand how people feel - they will tell you!

By combing through comments we directly find out what is resonating and what isn't. We use their feedback to inform future content, people love to be part of the process and have their voices heard.

Insight Generation

Our clients' businesses are not static, they constantly evolve. To be their best partner, our strategies need to be dynamic.

Using insights we gain from the analysis of the results of our process, we continuously improve the approach - unlocking new dimensions to how brands effectively communicate through video.
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The more we know, the more we're able to refine.